The club has a selection of moorings on the River Hamble which are administered by Paul Royds-Jones email

Members and non-members can apply for a mooring here. We sometimes have moorings that are vacant and available for immediate use, please contact Paul.


The club moorings currently vacant & available are; HB6A, HB22A, HC24 & HC28. Please email Paul for further information at (Last updated 7th Mar 2024)

  • Annual Fee Includes Harbour Dues, Crown Estate Charges & Maintenance (done to a reassuringly high standard)
  • Moorings are also available to Non-Members of WSC (preference given to members for subsequent renewal)
  • (Club Membership has attractive benefits; First option to renew mooring in subsequent year, Dinghy storage, Pontoon, Launches etc)
  • WSC Application Form & Moorings Terms and Conditions, available on Website.
  • If interested, please complete a mooring application and contact Paul to discuss

WSC administered moorings

MooringMarker ColourChain fathomsMax LengthBand
No chainPile 32ft32ft pile
HC20 HC22 HC24 HC26 HC28 HC30 HC323.5 FthF/A 26ft30ft mud
HB148Q HB148P HB148O HB148N HB148M HB148L HB148K HB148J3 FthF/A 26ft25ft mud
HB146 HB144 HB142 HB140 HB138 HB136 HB134 HB1323 FthF/A 26ft25ft mud
HB744 FthF/A 30ft30ft deep
HB80F HB80E HB80D HB80C HB80B HB80A3 FthSw 26ft25ft mud
HB20E HB20D HB20C HB20B HB20A5 FthF/A 30ft30ft deep
HB6E HB6D HB6C HB6B HB6A3 FthSw 25ft25ft mud
HB22D HB22C HB22B HB22A3 FthSw 22ft25ft mud
HB44 FthF/A 30ft30ft deep
HB4A3 FthSw 25ft25ft mud

Hover over a markers to identify the moorings show in the map.