Shore House Fundraising Campaign

We are now reaching the later stages of the Shore House Redevelopment project, we are sure you are delighted to see the progress being made, which will allow the club to continue to thrive into a more modern, flexible, and useful facility.


We have launched a Shore House Fundraising Campaign to raise £75,000 to fund the completion of unforeseen upgrades required for the sign off of the building project and complete the finishing touches of the build to secure the future enjoyment of all our members.

Will you be part of the Club’s legacy now and into the future?

Raised so far
Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin£75000Raised £9830 towards the £75000 target.£9830Raised £9830 towards the £75000 target.13%

Shore House Redevelopment Background

At the AGM in November 2022, the members agreed a budget for the works. When planning the project, we included an amount for contingencies for unforeseen work and additional costs. As may be expected when doing such major work to an old building unforeseen issues have arisen, mainly due to the updated Health and Safety requirements and Fire Regulations that have been made more rigorous over the years. The consequence being that all the contingency is allocated, and we now have a shortfall in agreed budgeted funds to complete the works.

In order to complete the works required to the standard that we all expect, we are looking to raise £75,000 in donations both from members and companies, so that it does not impact our cash flow or affect our ability to continue to fund the running of the club.

What work is outstanding that requires additional funding with your donations?

Must Have
1Replacement bay windows to the ground and first floor (Admin office ground floor and function area above on first floorAll these windows leak terribly and have contributed to damage to the fabric of the building
2New fire safety systemA new fire safety system for the new extension (alarms, fire shutters), highlighted the need for a full evaluation by the Fire Officer of the entire building, resulting in the requirement for a complete replacement of the fire systems currently in place.
3Glass balustrade for the new internal staircase, and glass panelling for the balconyDue to Health and Safety reasons, we are not allowed to continue with the metal lattice work we used to have, and so it is either a case of filling in the staircase and balcony, or for glass panelling. The cost differential is minimal between the two anyway
4Flooring to the River RoomNot in the original budget
5Carpets in the Admin Office and new staircaseNot in the original budget
6Finishing works to the front entrance and doorNot in the original budget
Would like to have
1New dining and casual furnitureNot in the original budget but would seem an ideal opportunity to refresh the look and comfort of our members areas
2Replace flooring to the entrance and downstairs bar to match the River RoomNot in the original budget but would seem an ideal opportunity to refresh the look and comfort of our members areas
3Paving around the River Room.Not budgeted but we do need a firm interim step-down area from the River Room to the garden, so as not to have a mud-trap

How are we proposing to raise £75,000?

  • Although we have about 1400 members including youth members, we have about 700 memberships (singles, couples, families etc). This equates to a possible donation of about £100 per membership to raise what we need.
  • Members may donate as little or as much as they feel appropriate. This information will not be made public unless the member wishes it to.
  • If a member (or company) donates £500 or more, they will have their name (if they wish) engraved on a plaque in the River Room to celebrate their generosity.
  • Fundraising events through 2024.
  • A marketing campaign for Company donations.

What happens if the Club doesn’t reach its fundraising target?

  • The club operational finances are secure, but it will mean that some aspects, such as RHIB replacements, engine replacements, various maintenance jobs may need to be deferred to another year.
  • The main building works designated ‘Must Have’, will be funded from the club accounts as they are needed to make the building safe, secure and useable. Our cash reserves will be under acute observation as a result. The ‘Would Like to Have’ items will be deferred for a future date.

Will the completion date of the extension build remain the same?

  • Yes. The completion date of December 2023 remains the same for all the aspects of the contracted extension build.

How long will the Fundraising Campaign run for?

  • We have set a target of one year to raise the full £75,000.

When can you donate?

  • The Fundraising Campaign is now live, so please click one of the donation links below, you can enter your preferred donation amount and card details.

Can you stagger donations over several months?

  • Yes, of course! We understand that you may want to give in smaller amounts over a period of a few months, we have ensured this option is available to you. Please ensure you click either the 3 monthly donations or 6 monthly donations button. The donation amount you enter will be taken every month for the chosen period, i.e if you click the 3 monthly donations buttons and enter £100, then you will donate £100 every month for 3 months, totalling £300. If you require any assistance with this please do not hesitate to contact the Admin Office by email or phone on 01489 583575.

What other ways can you help the Club with Fundraising?

  • The Club will be looking to host several fundraising events to help boost our total over the next year, if you have an idea and want to get involved with helping to organise an event, please get in touch with the Admin Office.

Any donations received will contribute to the long-term future and success of the Club for which the club officers, executive and all club members will be forever grateful.

We are happy to take any further questions on this at the AGM (Friday 17th November). Thank you for your support.

Best wishes

Nigel Rennie, Commodore

On behalf of Warsash Sailing Club’s Executive Committee